INSPIREE: Indonesian Sport Innovation Review <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>INSPIREE: Indonesian Sport Innovation Review</strong> concentrates both on the forms, contents and contexts of physical education, sport and health education found in schools, colleges and other sites of formal education, as well as the pedagogies of play, calisthenics, gymnastics, sport and leisure found in familial contexts, sports clubs, the leisure industry, private fitness and health studios, dance schools and rehabilitation centres.</p> <table style="height: 171px;" width="494"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="width: 521px;">Vol. 4 No. 1 ā€” January 27 (article submission deadline: December 27);</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 521px;">Vol. 4 No. 2 ā€” May 27 (article submission deadline: April 27);</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 521px;">Vol. 4 No. 3 ā€” September 27 (article submission deadline: August 27).</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 521px;"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" alt="" width="187" height="52" /></a></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <hr /> <p> </p> INSPIREE & DPE Universitas Pahlawan en-US INSPIREE: Indonesian Sport Innovation Review 2774-2520 Examining the Correlation Analysis of Functional Movement Screening Test (Fms) with Upper Limb Function in Male (Amateur And Non-Amateur) Handball Players <p><strong>The purpose of the study</strong>. is to see if there's a link between of male (Amateur and non-amateur) players college of physical education &amp; sports science Al-Qadisiyah University functional sports screens (FMS) and upper limb function.</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods.</strong> The competition attracted 100 volleyball players ranging in age from 18 to 25 years old. BMI is calculated as 60-75 kg for heights of 170-200 cm. Keep a digital record for later analysis. At least 3 months before to involvement, there is no history of musculoskeletal injury. The seven functional motor evaluation exercise modes (squat, hurdle step, overhead squat action, inline lunge, shoulder flexibility, straight leg elevation test, trunk stability push-up test) are employed as assessment tools for sports injury prevention. Questionnaire for the Assessment of Arm Disability (DASH). This test is used to assess upper limb function. There is a significant Pearson correlation coefficient. pā‰¤0.05 is used to check whether there is a connection between variables.</p> <p><strong>Results.</strong> Research results show that high scores for measuring arm injuries are different from performance screening test scores. (r=.178, P=0.01) There is a strong connection between them.</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong> Coaches and sports experts seem to believe that choosing the right exam for athletes is crucial.</p> Hamid AlAkrh Hooman Minoonejad Fouad Saidi Mohammad Karimizadeh Ardakani Somaye Sohrabi Copyright (c) 2023 Hamid AlAkrh, Hooman Minoonejad, Fouad Saidi, Mohammad Karimizadeh Ardakani, Somaye Sohrabi 2023-01-27 2023-01-27 4 01 42 55 10.53905/inspiree.v4i01.82 Contribution Of Limb Length And Brick Flexibility to Smash Ability In Volley Balls Lueng IE Aceh Big White Elang <p><strong>The purpose of the study</strong>. This study aims to study and find out this method is used to obtain information directly from informants regarding "The Contribution of Leg Length and Flexibility of Togok To The Ability Of Volleyball Smash At The White Eagle Club Lueng Ie Aceh Besar 2021.</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods.</strong> as for the data collection technique using tests and measurements with 15 athletes (Jimenez et al., 2016). The samples available in this study were 12 athletes due to sampling where the number of samples was the same as the population. Using the total sampling technique because according to (Hendra, n.d.) the total population is less than 100 and the entire population is used as a research sample.</p> <p><strong>Results.</strong> the results of the calculation of t count smaller than t table or -3.83&lt;2.178813 . This means that the description shows that the hypothesis that the author formulated is that there is no jointly significant contribution between leg length and togok flexibility on the volleyball smash ability of the Lueng ie 2021 white eagle club athlete</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong> There is no significant contribution between leg length and togok flexibility with volleyball smash ability in volleyball athletes at the white eagle club Lueng ie. Aceh Besar 2021.</p> Syamsulrizal Syamsulrizal Muhammad Iqbal Zahara Zahara Copyright (c) 2023 Syamsulrizal Syamsulrizal, Muhammad Iqbal, Zahara 2023-01-27 2023-01-27 4 01 34 41 10.53905/inspiree.v4i01.115 Student Motivation on Physical Education Learning For Senior High School <p><strong>The purpose of the study</strong>. The aim of this research is to find out the students' motivation towards learning physical education at senior high school.</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods.</strong> This type of research is quantitative descriptive research. According to Sugiyono (2014) Quantitative method is a scientific method because it has fulfilled scientific principles, namely concrete, objective, measurable, rational, and systematic so that it is suitable for use for proof or confirmation.</p> <p><strong>Results.</strong> The results showed that the categories (1) Duration of learning activities with an average of 62%, (2) Frequency of learning activities 58%, (3) Presentation of learning activities 66% (4) Perseverance to achieve learning objectives 61% (5) Devotion to achieve the learning objectives 62% (6) The level of appreciation to be achieved is 67% (7) The level of qualification for learning achievement is 70% (8) The direction of the attitude towards the target of learning activities is 57%.</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong> Based on data processing and data analysis, the conclusions in this study are Student Motivation towards Physical Education Learning in Class at senior high school SENIOR Negeri 1 Sungai Apit with an average of 63% in the strong category.</p> Sovie Ogi Mayolla Mayolla Leni Apriani Copyright (c) 2023 Sovie Ogi Mayolla, Leni Apriani 2023-01-27 2023-01-27 4 01 34 41 10.53905/inspiree.v4i01.108 Playing Futsall Development Based on Model Variations <p><strong>The purpose of the study</strong>. Universitas Syiah Kuala students who attended the Futsal TP course numbered one hundred and fifty people. And researchers determine the sample between forty five to fifty people.</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods.</strong> The steps are adapted from the book "Educational Research" by Borg and Gall which consists of ten steps</p> <p><strong>Results.</strong> The following: first, a total of sixty-eight point fifty-six percent of participants stated that futsal games were not fun; second, seventy-three point fifty-four percent stated that the training skill model was less varied; third, ninety-three point seventy-seven percent of participants agreed that they needed new and pleasant variations, fourth, sixty-three point sixty-nine percent of futsal sports skills using and the five players.</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong> trainers who need to develop models for futsal sports skills are one hundred percent.</p> Yeni Marlina Zahara Zahara Syamsulrizal Syamsulrizal Muhammad Iqbal Copyright (c) 2023 Yeni Marlina, Zahara, Syamsulrizal, Muhammad Iqbal 2023-01-11 2023-01-11 4 01 15 24 10.53905/inspiree.v4i01.114 Differences Between Drill Training and Play Training Methods Towards Badminton Skills <p><strong>The purpose of the study. </strong>This study was to determine the difference between drill and play training methods on badminton playing skills.</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods.</strong>The method used is the experimental method. The research subjects were 30 male athletes at the PB Aneka club and had taken the achievement motivation test. The data collection tool in this study used the Playing Badminton test. The hypothesis test anova one way.</p> <p><strong>Results.</strong> The results of the research in the high achievement motivation badminton group obtained an F-Count value of 119.61 while the FTable with degrees of freedom 1 (df1) and degrees of freedom 2 (df2) and a significance of 0.05 obtained an FT-table value of 4.20. F-Count &gt; FTable (119.61 &gt; 4.20) and in the low-achieving motivation badminton group, the F-Count value is 4.840 while FTable with degrees of freedom 1 (df1) and degrees of freedom 2 (df2) and a significance of 0.05 obtained FTable value of 4.20. FCount &gt; FTable (4,840 &gt; 4,20)</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong>There is a significant difference between the drill and play training method groups on badminton skills on high and low achievement motivation.</p> Ashadi Cahyadi Ade Rahmat Copyright (c) 2022 Ashadi Cahyadi, Ade Rahmat 2022-12-05 2022-12-05 4 01 08 14 10.53905/inspiree.v4i01.112 The Influence of Leg Muscle Exercises on the Taekwondo Kick Speed Technique of Dollyo Chagi at the Pontianak City NTC Club <p><strong>The&nbsp; purpose&nbsp; of&nbsp; the study</strong>. (1) this study aims to determine the effect of leg muscle training on the speed of the kick taekwondo dollyo chagi in NTC Club Pontianak city; (2) this study aims to determine the increase in the speed of the kick taekwondo dollyo chagi in NTC Club Pontianak city after given leg muscle training</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods. </strong>The type used in this study is the type of quantitative research. This study is a way to measure the effect of leg muscle training using a test drill on the speed of the taekwondo dollyo chagi kick at the NTC Club Pontianak city, with a population of 8 male athletes in the junior class category. Samples used that have characteristics of male sex aged 15-17 years who are still actively training at the NTC Club Pontianak city with total sampling technique. Data collection techniques in the form of measurements and using a tool in the form of a Taekwondo Kick speed test dollyo chagi. The study was conducted for two months.</p> <p><strong>Results.</strong> Based on the hypothesis of the effect of leg muscle training on the speed of taekwondo dollyo chagi kicks obtained a significant value of 0.2127 &gt; 0.05 then H0 is accepted.</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong> (1) There is an effect of leg muscle strength training through drill exercises for each athlete on the speed of the dollyo chagi taekwondo kick at the NTC Club, Pontianak City; (2) There is an effect of muscle strength through drill exercises on each athlete on the speed of kicking taekwondo dollyo chagi at the NTC Club, Pontianak City.</p> Rio Wardhani Stephani Yane Copyright (c) 2022 Rio Wardhani Rio, Stephani Yane 2022-12-01 2022-12-01 4 01 01 07 10.53905/inspiree.v4i01.107